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Blessed to be me, with life so grand, With every breath, I understand, The gift of living, of love and light, Of joy, of hope, and of the fight.

Blessed to be me, with family and friends, With their love and support, my heart never ends, Through ups and downs, they're always there, To lift me up, to show they care.

Blessed to be me, with talents to share, To make a difference, to show I care, To give back to the world in my own way, And make a positive impact every day.

Blessed to be me, with each new chance, To learn and grow, to dance and prance, To chase my dreams and reach for the stars, And to never forget who we truly are.


So let us be grateful, and always see, The blessings in life that make us free, To love, to learn, to live and be, Blessed to be me, forever and always.

Blessed to be me

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